About Us

For over 35 years MPCE has been delivering creative, value led designs of control implementation engineering solutions for an ever changing world. At its very core in essence, is a mission statement , the candle that is held up to ensure that MPCE pursues the simple honest truth in its professional practice, and with all its partners and staff allowing it to bridge the gap between science and society and forge meaningful and lasting global relationships that benefit all.

MPCE believes passionately in making this vision viable in all of its efforts, regardless where the vision lies. MPCE considers all of its projects in the context of their environmental, societal and economic impact and sustainability through a thorough understanding of the true value of engineering. Those standards and methods are maintained and upheld from the smallest simple assignment to the complex mega-scale multi disciplinary projects.


Madi and Partners Consulting Engineers is a local Jordanian, integrated engineering consultancy company based and operating in Amman, Jordan. For over 35 years MPCE has been building its reputation for delivering creative, value led project designs and solutions for an ever changing world.

MPCE has a broad portfolio of integrated services which are founded on the bedrock of strong, leading engineering expertise and knowledge. MPCE's staff are the best in the business  and we are dedicated to deliver to our clients each and every time with the best engineering practice services.

MPCE is committed to its clients, quality, staff and the environment very seriously. MPCE's concern and responsibilities are supported by a series of policies and disclaimers.