IKEA Commercial Warehouse

Name of Client: Union Land Development Co

Value Cost: (60) million USD.

The project is located on the Queen Alia International Airport Road, 10 km from the Seventh Circle. It consists of a main building to be used as a showroom for IKEA Furniture.The building consists of reinforced concrete and includes a ground floor that includes garages for small cars, trucks and delivery trucks. The ground floor includes electricity and air conditioning services and electromechanical services as well as two floors (first and second).

The project consists of a total built up area of (70000) m2.

The building contains all civil, architectural, electromechanical, water distribution, sewerage, electromechanical and paging systems, and electronic surveillance systems.

The project also includes restaurants for the visitors, kitchens, administration buildings and paved outdoor areas with a total area of (12000) m2 in addition to a metallic hangar for receiving products, loading and unloading and large warehouses for storage. The project also includes asphalt works for the roads and highway leading to the project site.



Kilani Health Care Institute & General Hospital

Name of Client:        Farah Hospital / Dr.Zeid Alkilani

Value Cost:               (36) million USD.

The project includes the provision of consulting design and supervision services. It includes the preparation of the project drawings and tender documents, design services including structural design, detailed electromechanical design and supervision of construction for the New General Hospital building,

The building consists of (13) storey high and with 200 beds with many medical sections of specialty, clinics, operating theaters, labs, X-Ray and imaging with all services and electrical and mechanical systems and medical equipments and finishes.

It has (3) underground car parks and a total built up area of 3300 m2.

Aqaba University of Technology

Name of Client:        Aqaba Educational Company

Value Cost:               (30) million USD.

This private project is located on (500) dunums on a panoramic site (3.7) km far from the coast of Aqaba .

The project consists of many buildings of faculties as the building of Information Technology Studies, Environmental Marine & Mining Studies, Business Studies, Library, Multi-Purpose hall , Administration. Research Center, in additional to many other constructions such as restaurants , Medicare center  sports compound , Residential buildings , Mosque , Commercial buildings and all site infrastructure work with total  built area of (40000) m 2 . The project includes Roads network, water networks, sewage network, telecommunication and electrical networks and all land scaping works necessary for the site.

The total built area for the whole project is (60000) m2 the design of this project includes also future extension to accommodate more specialties.


Al- Rai Printing Complex

Name of Client:          Jordanian Press Foundation

Value Cost:                 (30) million USD.

This project is located on a (10) donums plot on a major road in Yadodah area in Amman. The project involved the provision of consulting services of design and supervision of construction, It included the preparation of designs, drawings and tender documents, design services included architectural, structural and electromechanical works with additional electromechanical systems for the printing machines of the printing and storage complex and an administration complex with all facilities and services.

Total built-up area of the project is 32000 m2.

The Project has large warehouses, very large and state of the art printing house, full offices and administration facilities with sophisticated electromechanical systems and all required amenities, site works and infrastructure.

Feature: A highly demanding assignment due to the complexity of the requirements of accommodating highly advanced printing facilities.

 Gaza Industrial Estate Project


Name of Client:            Palestine Development and Investment Company

Value Cost:                   (50) million USD

The project site (area of around 486 donums), is located in Gaza City, adjacent to the Mantar (Carni) Border Crossing. The work included full planning and preparation of the Site Master Plan dividing the plot into industrial, administration, amenities, roads and green areas. The engineering design works involved the design of infrastructure comprising the networks for roads, water supply, storm water drainage, irrigation, firefighting, power supply, telecommunications and WWTP with a capacity of 10000 persons.

The project includes 3 types of standard industrial steel factory buildings (area of around 330000 m2), a reinforced concrete four storey prototype buildings of 2000 m2 area, an administration complex and utility buildings.

Madaba Industrial City


Client:                  Jordan Industrial Estates Company

Project Cost:      (16) million USD.

This project is located on (500) donums on a panoramic site (13) Km from Madaba city.

The project aims to develop an industrial city by developing a site master plan showing zoning and all other works included in the design of infrastructure and civil works. This includes design of roads with total length of 12Km, sewage, potable water, storm water drainage networks, WWTP with a capacity of 650 m3/day, site civil works and electrical and telecom networks.

The design of this project also includes future extension to accommodate more specialties.

Design of Upgrading of Wadi Yutum South Aqaba Coast


Client:                 Ministry of Public Works, Jordan.

Project Cost:     (40) million USD.

This is a two-lane highway running from the Wadi Yutum interchange on the Amman Aqaba Highway to the South Aqaba Coast at Wadi 2, with a total length of 26.5 kilometers.

This project also includes a Spur Road of 6.5 kilometers length branching off the Back Road and heading towards the Container Port. The main purpose of this highway is to divert the heavy vehicles traffic from the Coastal Highway in its transit to and from the Port of Aqaba, thus allowing the possibility of tourism development. The project also includes four separate grade interchanges and seven bridges of reinforced and pre-stressed concrete of various spans.

The study also involved the determination of the requirements for truck parking in the Aqaba area and suggesting alternative locations for possible truck parks.