The Company provides consulting services in the following fields:

Value - Led Building Engineering

Including architectural, structural, mechanical and electrical designs and supervision.

Madi and Partners Consulting Engineers has been responsible for a wide range of buildings consulting services for various uses. Our experience ranges from large-scale housing schemes with all associated infra structure to commercial complexes and residential villas.

The following types of buildings has formed part of Madi’s experience in design and supervision: high rise commercial buildings and offices, hotels, factories, industrial buildings and ware houses, hospitals, health centers and laboratories, residential buildings from high rise buildings to one-story holiday cottages.

Transportation Engineering

Highway design and upgrading, traffic studies.

Our approach to transportation design is to ensure that each individual facility is set within its proper context, in respect to its function within the overall transport system and within a well-structured national, regional, and local transport hierarchy.

We aim to provide integrated multi-modal transport systems, which allow efficient transfers between different modes and provide seamless connections between intra-urban, inter-urban and international movements of goods and people.

Our expertise spans from developing rural roads to designing major network motorways.

We provide our clients with seamless, in-house services covering everything from the development of a Project concept and design, to construction supervision and advice on financing.

Water Resources (Treatment and Supply)

Water, sewage networks and water drainage.

Madi and Partners Consulting Engineers have a long and diversified record in successfully dealing with all types of water resources related work. This record includes the design and / or supervision of many water and sewage networks and water resources studies in Jordan and the neighboring countries

Structural engineering

Special structures, bridges, repair and rehabilitation of structures.

  • Special structures

Madi and Partners Consulting Engineers have a long and diversified record in successfully dealing with all types of structures. Structural engineering is one of the basic sections of the firm. The record includes the design and / or supervision of many of the major concrete and structural steel work in Jordan and the neighboring countries. The most advanced designs and drafting techniques are applied including computer-aided design and drafting using general and specially developed software. The services offered range from preliminary and concept designs to detailed design and preparation of workshop, and detail drawings.

  • Bridges

Madi and Partners Consulting Engineers are renowned for our innovative bridge structures including road and, flyovers, urban viaducts, river crossings and complex, and multi-level road interchanges.

  • Repair and rehabilitation of structures

Structural rehabilitation, renovation, inspection and repair are one of the other areas the firm became famous for its achievements in through its successful handling of many demanding assignments. We applied our rehabilitation techniques for all our projects from small ones such as the Clinker Silo to more advanced and complicated projects such as the rehabilitation of some schools for the Ministry of Education.

The firm applies the most advanced engineering techniques and has substantial computing facilities including graphics and automated designs systems.